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Friday, December 03, 2004

A little more info...Please

OK, so I get to work this morning and I find a post it note on my desk that instructs me to line up meetings with clients in another state...OK no problem, but, When? What day?

How in the sam hell am I suppose to know that you don't have to bring your daughter dance class on a certain day? With my luck, thats the day I will pick.
Oh well, I am such a model employee that he will appreciate what ever I can come up with. I am that good. well maybe.

I find it odd that there is little snow on the ground here. The last few years have produced many inches of that white crap by now. Harder to bring in Christmas with no snow, its hard believe that when I was "younger" and there was no snow to speak of in the "city" i grew up in and was able to be a festive chap waiting for santa.

By the you shit head fat man...I want something good this year.

I saw this over at DirtyMartinis and thought I would devulge you with some useless info about me:

1) Name the last four things you bought?
A birthday card

2)Name four drinks you drink regularly?
Red Bull
Mountain Dew

3)Last time you cried?
it was a about aweek and 1/2 before Thanksgiving

4)Whats in your CD Player?
I think Dido

5)Whats under you bed?
Lint and I don't want to know

6)When did you wake up this morning?
Alarm went off at 6:20 but I didn't get up till 7

7)Current Hair?
Dark curly and in a ponytail

8)Current clothes?
Jeans and dark green Fleece sweater

9) Current desktop pic?
I think its peace

10)Current worry?
No worrys mate..except, this rash.

11)Current Hate?
I hate having cold feet and or cold hands

12)Favorite place to be?
Any place with sun

13)Least favorite place?
In a crowded Wal Mart

14)If you could play an Instrument?
I would be in a band.

15)Favorite color?
I am not prejudice I like many colors

16)How tall are you?
5' 61/2"

17)Favorite expression?
Thats naughty!

18)One person from your past you wish you could talk to?
Dana Hill, I guess I don't know if thats still her last or not. Or Kelly Roberts

19)Favorite day(s)?
Thursday, Friday

20)Where would you like to go?
CO to see our friends the Davids'
Vegas Baby!

21)Where do you want to live when you get married?
Well I already live where I am married so this question is N/A

22)Favorite Food?
I really like Mexican food

23)Color of most clothes you own?
Blues, pinks??

24)Number of pillows you sleep with?

25)What doyou wear when you go to sleep?
either my night shirt or the t shirt I was wearing if its not dirty.

26)What were you doing at 12am last night?
Checking the inside of eyelids for cracks

27)How old will you be in 10 years?
I will be 39. wow that felt wierd

28)What will you be doing in ten years?
Paying for my sons college hopefully, maybe I will go be a teachers assistant, nah, I don't want to listen to other peoples children.

29)Do you have braces?
Nope, never have. but I thinkI have nice teeth.

30) Are you paranoid?
Depends on what I'm smokin. No really I'm typically not.

31)Do you burn or tan?
I have burnt a few times but I typically tan. When I was younger (like 5) my cousins used to call me nigger baby.

32)What is the brand of your wallet?
I have no Idea

33)First piercing or tattoo?
My ears were pierced when I was 5 I had many more ear peircings in my early teens I had my nipples done in my late teens (big mistake for me) and my first tattoo at 22.

34) First enemy?
Rachel Griffin I think. She stabbed me in the back with a pencil.

35)Last person you yelled at?
I yelled at my son...bad mom

36)Last crush?
Jeff Probst, the Survivor guy. But I am mad at him for selling his dads car.

37)Last thing you ate?
banana and a granola bar

38)Last time you had sex was?
Sorry, but its time for me to go home now.

Have a great weekend!!!

Bar bingo tonight for me.


Blogger Sgt Bag'o'Donuts said...

Hi Amy Jo. I'm new to blogging (now hopelessly addicted) and ran across yours and thought that I would drop you a line and say someone else on the planet read your blog. Take care and I'll check your blog again soon. Take care

December 3, 2004 at 10:04 AM  

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