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Friday, December 31, 2004


OK , we have Blues Clues on the TV and as soon as I am done I'm turnin the shit off. Any way the guy gets mail and it from "they might be giants" and they sing a song that I swear sounded like...drop your pants. *blink* Then they said stomp your feet so I am guessing they accually said clap your hands. Maybe I need to get some husband action very shortly.

on another note I was looking through the People magazine year end type issue and I saw an ad in there for Sketchers sneakers with Christina Aguilliara (sp??) and ok girl, you have officially turn into a certified pornstar pin up. She looked way to sluty for this ad. No offense, she may have some music that's worth an earshot but I

I got all the socks today for the exchange and forgot to get envelopes but thats ok I will find something. I am stoked. Now if you will all excuse me while I get out of work.
Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!


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