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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Where does time go?

Well today is my daughters birthday. She is now officially 2. FYI whoever said "made up" the terrible two thing called it all wrong. I think they should just call it terrible baby syndrome. That way you can just say to a passerby in the store whilst they scream, oh, she just has TBS.
She actually is a good girl that knows she is naughty. Your typical write on the walls when no one is looking and throw the pencil or pen when you come up the stairs and ask "what are you doing?" and then say slyly...naughty.
I was talking with a girl that is pregnant the other day and reminised a little about how she was as a baby. She was a good sleeper off the bat, as was my son. She had a great case of colic from the time she was about 3 weeks old that lasted for about a month and half. Thank god for the husband or I thinkI would have lost my marbles.
She was born with dark hair and was quite ugly when I first saw her. She almost resembled ET. The one thing I did notice was that she had her daddys chin.
The time has just flew by and she has grown into such a healthy, smart, strong little girl. I can't believe how well she talks either. Clear as day you can understand when she whines..."Watch Beauty Beast Mama!" And my Lord this girl has NO FEAR! She wouldn't think twice about jumping down the flight of stairs or from the side table onto the couch wether your sitting their or not. guts, pure guts.
I am so proud to call her mine. Even when her hair looks like she stuck her finger in the socket, which is often.
My Rehanna Rose.

Happy Birthday Sweet Miss Thing.

Now will you please let me brush your hair?


Blogger Todd said...

Texas T-bone here (

My son turns 2 on Dec. 26. The time really does fly by. My wife has a theory that "terrible 2s" comes from the fact that kids that age can sorta communicate but not easily, so they get frustrated. At least that's what we see around our house. He's our first and only so far, and he's been a joy no matter what age or stage he's in (so far).

December 16, 2004 at 10:53 AM  

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