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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Where have I been?

So I see that I don't post that much. I hope it doesn't deter anyone from perusing my site to see what I am all about or what I have to say.
These last few days have been hectic but not so much that I haven't enjoyed some peace besides.
So I am back to work and its crazy here because of year end crapola, but I will manage.

I know you've all heard about the terrible Tsunami. I don't want to drag it out any more than it already will be by the media, but I just feel so sorry for the people of all the countries that have to suffer the losses. moment of silence.....

So what did all you get from loved ones for Jesuses Birthday?
I got money, gift cards, socks (thank you MIL) and a hot damn cappacino (sp?) machine.
My son got me a cd holder for my car that I needed, and my daughter got me slippers. Apperently the ones I had were to nasty for them to stand and more with all the wood stain spots.
Funny how christmas turned out to be a big holiday of gift giving and recieving for the birth of someone else..
For my birthday I hope you will all remember and buy yourselves something. pshaw.

So anyhow, my girl was sick on Monday, now my son is sick I hope to god I don't get it. I hate being sick.

I am looking forward to the sock exchange. I already have one pair bought and set aside for the lucky person I will be mailing too. or maybe I will keep them for myself and buy other ones.
Well I hope you all had a great Holiday.

Take care and drive safe!!


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