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Friday, January 14, 2005

I can't tell Meredith to eat her heart out...

Well apparently I am....

I AM 42% ASSHOLE/BITCH!"> src="" alt="42% ASSHOLE/BITCH" border="0">
I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.
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OK then. You see that most people I meet like me... Just had to point that out.
p.s. I saw this at Hip Momma's

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Freakin BRRRRR!

OK so it's freakin cold outside. A whopping -14 degrees that does not include the wind chill factor. That makes it -35 below. This was at 6:00p.m. I am not going to work tomorrow because it is suppose to be a high of -20 below zero and I should hope that they will close the school. I guess we won't find that out until the morning.

I have had a busy couple of weeks. I mailed out the socks for the exchange last Tuesday. Last Wednesday I had a meeting in Fargo and while I was gone my husband had to bring both the girl and the boy to the Dr. . Girl had a peice of plastic in her eye so the removed that. Boy had Tonsilar Stones?!? I had never heard of it but the Dr. said to pick at them with a toothbrush and that should dislodge it. He apparently coughed it out before I got home so I didn't see it. I guess I found it strange that that's what it was because every year for the last 4 years in January he has gotten Tonsilitis. I wish they would just take the fuckin things out so he doesn't have to go through this anymore.

My husband just informed me that my daughter is upstairs farting.

I got an email from a friend a few weeks ago (Hello Mrs. Jensen) informing me that her and her husband are going on a cruise. I thought it was kinda funny because that is how we met. On a honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas. We had a great time. The one thing I will never ever forget is the pilots wife that was so drunk she was showing titty. I laugh just typing this.
So Mrs. and Mr. Jensen, I hope you had a blast and found another couple to party with. I hope you didn't get the Jamaican bush whackin shit that fucked me up like last time, cause then I'd really have to be jealous.

Another friend of ours that live north of Denver booked us (them and us) a condo in Colorado at a place called Copper. I am so excited. I am happy we are finally going there. They have come here to our place quite a few times and we have never been to see there domacile. I guess it helps that they both have family here and come to see them otherwise I don't think the would come out of there way to give us a moment of thier time.hehehe. If your reading this you skinny bitch you know I am just kidding. You hot dog eater.

Well kiddies, slip on the booties cuz it's cold out side. Stay warm.